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Add ability to further customise the date/time periods for (email) reporting.

It would be good if you were able to further customise the reporting period of the emailed reports, to be able to report only on a specific time frame of that day. I.e. Daily report for Uptime Monitor statistics between 9am - 5pm only. Same with the weekly report: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm etc.

Preferably you would be able to customise this date range for whatever period/date/time range you wanted.

At the moment the only way I've found to get around this, is you have to schedule maintenance for all monitors so that those time periods are not included in the report calculations. This is ok but it also means you cannot then report on any other time frame, meaning various other calculations/reporting outside of Monitis has to be done to try and get a "full picture". It would be nice to fully customise these reports regarding date/time periods to allow "useful" statics, specific to the estate being monitored.

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