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Improve Transaction Recorder and Synthetics Interfaces

1) auto assign numbers to quickly tie transaction recorder scripts to monitis interface list of synthetic scripts.

2) Display name of script at top of tab. Interface is difficult to quickly identify what tab you're even on. Make it highlightable so it can be copied. (see screenshot)

3) Improve the local save options. It's very easy to delete the cloud versions in an unrecoverable way without much prompt, but backing up locally is clumsy and cumbersome. I have to individually save each file, it does not default the file name to the name of the script, and just finding the name tied to this script requires clicking back to another tab (see #2). Suggestions include a bulk dump where each file is named as the transaction script name automatically, or at the vey least each prompt defaulting to the individual name.

4) Allow scripts to be renamed, in either monitis or transaction recorder, and simply sync to cloud. If it's named wrong, unless I can't figure out the right way, it involves saving it as a new script an then configuring how that new script is used in the monitis interface. Unnecessarily complicated for just a rename.

5) allow bulk editing of monitors. Is there not a way for me to configure server locations for 10 monitors at once? Or to set defaults for this as I'll probably never change them?

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