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Push notifications for normal users for mobile app

Seems like ONLY admins can receive push notifications for alerts now. Even custom roles doesn't seem to work for push notifications. Would be great if we can get this feature added by the backend team so that even the normal users can get those alert notification in the app.

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Sai Dasari shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Roy Dunn commented  · 

    I have custom sub account that urgently need to be made aware of these alerts via the App. I can't give them admin access so this is not an option.

  • JONATHAN DOIG commented  · 

    This is critical. If my app doesn't notify me, I won't find out about a problem till I get back to the office and trawl through my email :(

    Don't know if "normal users" = "sub-accounts", but I have a sub-account, and want the notifications there.

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